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   There are many portfolio managers for cryptocurrencies, and they all have exact security issues. All of them are online services, and of course, it is convenient because you always have your data on your fingertip synced on many devices. But that convenience is a devastating disadvantage too! Your information and private data about your assets are stored somewhere on the servers or in the cloud. It means that your privacy may be compromised, the data can leak or even be sold or given to some third parties.
   EnCrypto Portfolio solves that issue: the information about your assets is stored only locally on your device, and NO ONE bit of information is transmitted anywhere. Your privacy stays in your only pocket. Moreover, the data is encrypted with the AES-256 cipher algorithm using your master password as an encryption/decryption key.

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Strong security

The data is encrypted with AES-256 and located only on your device in secure local storage.


Every your asset can be organized using mutliple transactions with as much details as needed

Offline only

You have full control over your data, information about your assets is stored only on your device, there is nothing to hack

Comfortable browsing

You can see overall portfolio information and detailed screens about every asset till transaction level

Backup system

Our embedded backup system makes it esier the transfer of the date from one device to another

Offline mode

The app uses services to get latest exchange rates but it can work also offline with the latest stored rates

Why do I need EnCrypto Portfolio?

You need it to keep the privacy of the assets you own. It has similar functionality as CoinMarketCap or CoinGecko but it keeps your data safe on your device only.

Why should I trust your app? How can I be sure that my personal data will not leak?

We do not use any clouds or servers to store your data, your data is only on your device in secure offline storage, nowhere else. There is no server to hack :) We also plan to reveal the source code of the app in the near future, so anybody can check the way it works

I forgot my password, how can I restore access to my data?

The only way to restore access to your data is to recall your password. The data is encrypted using the AES cipher algorithm and your password is used as a key for encryption/decryption, there is no way to get access to your data without knowing the password, that’s why EnCrypto Portfolio is a very secure app.

Version 1.0 Planned to be released soon

  • - first release for Android
  • - first release for iOS / iPadOS
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